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The Stazione dell’ Arte Foundation is supported through the charge of entry tickets and public and private support. Support us with a donation to make a big difference in supporting an important initiative. The Stazione dell’ Arte thanks those who have and will still believe in its initiatives in the future.

How to contribute

Contributions can be deposited at the museum ticket office by clicking on the PayPal button or by sending them by bank transfer:

Stazione dell'Arte, Iban: IT77P0101587080000070015184, C.F./P.I.:01233120912


5×1000 IRPEF: When filling out the 730 form, remember to place your signature and our tax code: 01233120912 in the box dedicated to "Choice for the 5 × 1000 destination of the IRPEF" in the section "Support for volunteering And other non-profit organizations. "

over one hundred and fifty works of art by maria lai

museum visiting


5,0 euro

kids (0-12 anni)


School groups (groups > 10 )

3,0 euro

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