The Museum

Vocation in the field of contemporary art


over one hundred and fifty works of art by maria lai

the culmination of maria lai's ambitious project

The Stazione dell’ Arte is the culmination of the ambitious project that Maria Lai and the town of Ulassai have cultivated for over thirty years. A long journey, starting with the magical event "Legarsi alla montagna" whose protagonist was the whole Ulassai community. Since 1981, other works followed, witnessing the intense bond that the artist maintained with her hometown, until she decided to donate to the a significant part of her research that was collected and displayed in the spaces at the Foundation. That is how Ulassai--a symbol of the Ogliastra region's isolation--became one of the island's cultural centers. The Stazione dell’ Arte occupies the three components of the old railway station, built just outside of the village, on a floor overlooking the valley below and the evocative hairpins that lead to Jerzu. The space has been restructured into a modern museum of contemporary art, which is not limited to the works donated by the artist but is also open to other art disciplines such as music and theater.In particular, it is committed to the important work of education in the reading of works of art.

a one of a kind museum

The museum is unique, in that it has the largest collection, one hundred and fifty works from one of the greatest contemporary artists, made with different techniques and materials such as crockery, frames, ceramics, canvases and sewn books. The museum serves not only as a place of exhibition, but as a place that opens its rooms to the outside, expanding into the village and the landscape, towards its inhabitants. The museum is also responsible for organizing exhibitions, workshops and artistic events that can promote knowledge of contemporary art. There is a highly specialized, guided tour service, included in the ticket price. There is also the bookshop, the specialized library of art, thanks to two important donations: from Maria Lai and Angela Grilletti Migliavacca. There is a cloakroom service.