Maria Lai

Born in Ulassai in 1919, daughter of Giuseppe and Sofia Mereu, Maria is the second of five children. Her delicate health in childhood in the winter took her from her village in Ulassai to the plains of Gairo, completely isolated at that time, where she could recover. She lived with her childless aunt and uncle, agricultural traders. In the winter months, she completely skips nursery and elementary schools. In complete isolation, she begins to discover and grasp her talent for drawing.

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Ulassai, an emblematic place for isolation, becomes a symbol of the world

The Museum

The Stazione dell’ Arte is the culmination of the ambitious project that Maria Lai and the town of Ulassai have cultivated for over thirty years. A long journey, starting with the magical event "Legarsi alla montagna" whose protagonist was the whole Ulassai community. Since 1981, other works followed, witnessing the intense bond that the artist maintained with her hometown, until she decided to donate to the a significant part of her research that was collected and displayed in the spaces at the Foundation.

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